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IT Advising

Aligning IT Decisions to Desired Outcomes

Packet Fusion is a premier national business communications and technology advisor. We have an unlimited array of solutions that empower our clients with solutions fit for their unique business conditions, efficiently and effectively.

At Packet Fusion, we utilize a well-established approach that takes time to understand your opportunity or problem. See what a trusted advisor can do for you.

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Work with a Trusted Advisor for Better Results

Everyone benefits from expert advice when determining how to harness technology effectively to flourish in a world marked by groundbreaking innovations and intense competition.

Packet Fusion follows a 4-Step Model designed to help you multiply your efforts and accelerate results.

Packet Fusion’s 4-Step IT Advising Model:

Step 1



We partner with our clients to understand their business challenges and to identify the right technology and service providers to overcome challenges and achieve desired outcomes.

Strategic IT Sourcing

Step 2



Our subject matter experts are part of implementing the selected technology, ensuring the full potential and impact of those solutions are realized.

Step 3



After implementation, our Client Success Team ensures the solution provided performs as expected. Regular health checks, solution audits, and impact assessments are conducted to evaluate, refine, and maximize the effectiveness of the chosen technology.

Step 4



Technology that revolutionizes your business is not just a project with a fixed beginning and end; it’s a journey designed to deliver continuous value. Our strategic guidance provides roadmaps, trends, insights, thought leadership, and innovation.

Expansive Network & Internal Certifications

Working with more than 250 top IT vendors is just the beginning for us. We also maintain a rigorous certification process across various technologies, positioning us not merely as IT advisors but as empowered IT facilitators.

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