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Always Secure. Always Covered.

Cut down on the time, cost, and risk of a data breach by having a cybersecurity expert on your team. Packet Fusion will implement the right cybersecurity solution for your business.
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How Prepared Are You?

Wondering if you need to assess your cybersecurity posture or make a change?
Ask yourself the following:

What are the hours of operation for your internal or external cybersecurity resources?

What security or compliance regulations do you need to adhere to?

How often do you undergo a third-party security assessment? Do you know your weak spots and how to address them?

Do you have a SIEM or log management system in place? If so, who reviews and responds to alerts?

In the event of a breach or attack, what policies and procedures do you have in place?

How do you secure access to IT infrastructure and applications for remote users, BYOD employees, contractors, and third parties?

How do you identify suspicious or abnormal behavior on your corporate network?

Do you have any public-facing web applications or sites? What is the financial implication if those go down?

Cybersecurity Defense Begins With an Assessment

Everyone needs to start their cybersecurity journey somewhere. Starting with Packet Fusion’s Security Assessment is the right place to begin.

Participants receive a detailed review of the device, application, network, data, and user security vulnerabilities as well as valuable recommendations for securing your network.

How Our 4-Step Cybersecurity Advising Model Works

Initiate cybersecurity for your organization with a phone call or an interactive online assessment. Packet Fusion’s dedicated team of experts will pinpoint the challenges you’re seeking to overcome and provide you with the best, most cost effective solution.

Your solution is put into action. The Packet Fusion team of cybersecurity experts provides executive-level leadership throughout project implementation. This guarantees the desired outcome identified in the evaluation process.

Beyond the initial implementation, we remain engaged in fine-tuning your newly integrated hardware, software, and cybersecurity protocols. Regular check-ins, audits, and assessments are conducted to maximize the efficiency of your cybersecurity solution.

Enhanced cybersecurity is technology that will protect and revolutionize your business. Packet Fusion provides a roadmap guiding you towards comprehensive technology integration. Our team imparts valuable insights, from feature enhancements to industry trends, fostering innovation that propels your business forward.

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