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Proven UCaaS Migration Services

Migrating Your Phone System to the Cloud

Packet Fusion has been implementing communications solutions for clients for over 30 years. With 15 certified engineers on staff having migrated over 420 UC systems to the cloud, we have the experience to reach your goals successfully.

Our proven methodology delivers a path to the cloud with the right vendor and the right price point to fit your budget.

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Guaranteed Results

Packet Fusion UCaaS migration services help you decide exactly what you need, how to budget for it, and how you’ll reach the result—all at no added cost. Our cloud consulting comes bundled with your project. Packet Fusion’s experienced advisory team will stay engaged throughout the entire process. We’re so confident in our approach, that we only charge clients for the project’s end result.

Our UCaaS Migration Approach

We partner closely with our clients to deeply comprehend their business obstacles and assist them in overcoming these challenges. By offering consulting services, we help them identify the appropriate technology and solution providers to achieve their desired results.

Cloud contracts can be difficult to interpret, especially when dealing with multiple vendors and carrier services. We act as the liaison between you and your UCaaS provider to negotiate prices, SLAs, and included services to ensure you get the best price without any surprises.

Navigating the vast landscape of UU/CCaaS vendors can be overwhelming, often leading to analysis paralysis. With numerous providers delivering comparable solutions alongside your existing job demands, it can be challenging to focus on finding the right solution.

Packet Fusion alleviates these challenges by conducting a thorough, data-driven procurement process, simplifying your decision-making, and giving you the confidence that you are making the most suitable technology solutions without detracting from your core responsibilities.

Transitioning to new technology can be daunting. Packet Fusion facilitates a smooth implementation, taking into account your current infrastructure and future goals. Our expertise ensures that new solutions are integrated with minimal disruption, enabling a seamless transition that aligns with your strategic objectives.

Beyond implementation, Packet Fusion remains a steadfast advisor. Our commitment extends to ensuring your ongoing satisfaction with your chosen UC/CCaaS solution. Should any issues arise, whether they pertain to the service, billing, or technical aspects, Packet Fusion is ready to intervene, providing the necessary escalation and support to resolve concerns promptly and maintain the high level of service you deserve.

Platinum & Advanced UCaaS/CCaaS Certifications

Exceptional UCaaS Migration Support

We go beyond procuring and implementing a cloud solution. Our communication support is the best in class. This guarantees you get the most out of your cloud investment. See what exceptional services look like for you.

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