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Packet Fusion’s Zoom Reseller Program

At Packet Fusion, we understand the complexities of the government sector procurement process. Having supported various government agencies for the past 20 years, Packet Fusion’s Reseller Program is designed to provide a seamless pathway to Zoom, leveraging existing contract vehicles like CMAS, OMNIA, and NASPO. Let us help you simplify the procurement process and ensure compliance with all requisite protocols and standards.

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20 Years of Serving the Public Sector

As one of the select few resellers authorized to offer this program, Packet Fusion is uniquely positioned to simplify the procurement process and empower your agency with cutting-edge Zoom communication solutions while adhering to the highest standards of compliance and efficiency.


Our UCaaS/CCaaS Migration Process

We start by assessing your current processes and areas where we can streamline those processes to uncover areas for improvement that will bring immediate value to your organization.

Since UCaaS is delivered over the Internet, assessing your network’s readiness is crucial. We ensure your network can handle increased bandwidth requirements and implement best practices to prioritize cloud performance.

Additionally, we ensure data encryption, security protocols, and privacy measures are in place to meet compliance standards.

Transitioning to new technology can be daunting. Packet Fusion facilitates a smooth implementation, taking into account your current infrastructure and future goals. Our expertise ensures that new solutions are integrated with minimal disruption, enabling a seamless transition that aligns with your strategic objectives.

Beyond implementation, we extend our commitment to ensuring your ongoing satisfaction. Should any issues arise, whether they pertain to the service, billing, or technical aspects, Packet Fusion is ready to intervene, providing the necessary escalation and support to resolve concerns promptly and maintain the high level of service you deserve.

Zoom Authorized & Platinum Certified

Join the multitude of government bodies who trust Packet Fusion to simplify their procurement processes. Choose Packet Fusion and experience a partnership that values simplicity, compliance, and exceptional service.

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