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Zoom’s New CCaaS Solution

The latest and greatest entrant to the growing CCaaS field is Zoom, with its simply named Zoom Contact Center. An omnichannel contact center solution that’s optimized for video, Zoom ticks the most compelling and obvious choice box first: it’s integrated right into the same Zoom experience that nearly everyone has come to know.

CCaaS Made Simple

Keep your call handling experience simple by using the same Zoom existing Zoom client that you’re already using. Zoom Contact Center agents and their supervisors just keep working and have added capabilities. Administrators need only configure settings in the Admin console so that the right members of the organization, regardless of where they work, can communicate with and support customers.

Is Zoom Contact Center Right for Your Team?

Zoom Contact Center is designed to reduce IT complexity, which is music to our ears at Packet Fusion. But how do you know if this is the best CCaaS solution for your organization? Packet Fusion partners with Zoom to offer today’s hybrid workforce the best solutions to unify business communications. If Zoom is right for you, we’ll happily confirm it and help get you up and running if you need assistance.

We want you to get the most benefits from your CCaaS. There may be other possibilities that would work best, so please reach out to us with questions and schedule a consultation today to discuss your options.

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