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Mitel MiVoice Updates

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Get the latest news on ShoreTel / Mitel MiVoice licensing, price changes, software updates, end-of-life notifications, and support options here!

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ATTENTION: Price Increases to Mitel Support

Mitel is dramatically raising support contracts after July 2024. While we strive to absorb these additional costs, we will need to pass some of these costs to our customers.

It’s never pleasant to experience a price hike for a product that is ultimately being phased out. While we remain committed to supporting your current Mitel products, a cloud migration strategy should be at the forefront of your mind. Reach out today, and let’s discuss your options.

End of Life
MiVoice 2029

In 2022, Mitel announced the End-of-Life of the ShoreTel/MiVoice Connect (premise PBX) for the end of 2029.  Mitel recently moved up its End-of-Development for ShoreTel & Mitel MiVoice Connect users from 2029 to 2025, announcing no additional OS updates, patches, or security updates after December 31, 2025. MiVoice Connect will be supported in a maintenance-only mode through Dec 2029.

End of Life
MiVCR (Oaysis)

MiVCR (the call recording application formerly known as Oaysis) is end-of-life, and Mitel will officially discontinue support effective June 30, 2024. Alternative options are available in Mitel’s latest call recording platform. MiVCR will continue functioning; however, a Mitel support-provided patch must be applied before June 30, 2024.

Licensing Changes

VMware has been acquired by a technology firm called Broadcom, Inc. With this acquisition comes a complete revamp of VMware’s license structure. The product options we knew before with their perpetual license model have all been retired in favor of a subscription model. This means that several ‘evaluation’ and ‘free’ product lines that are commonly used by our clients are no longer available or supported by VMware. These changes will take effect immediately and impact your VMware product’s next software assurance renewal, including vSphere (ESXi), Hypervisor, and vCenter.

Mitel MiVoice
Software Builds

Mitel is committed to supporting MiVoice Connect until 2029, albeit in a limited capacity. New PBX and Contact Center platform software updates are due out later this year. These builds represent the end of development for features and security updates, meaning that after 2024, no new features or security patches will be developed. Mitel retains the option to publish a new software build in 2025 should a serious security concern arise.

 The following applications are still supported:

Below is a detailed overview of Mitel’s lifecycle timeline for the MiVoice Connect platform:

Important Alert
Windows Service Alert (WIN2012)

It has come to our attention that if you maintain a pattern of installing Microsoft Windows Updates/Patches beyond the recommended Mitel test compatibility with the current build on your ShoreTel/Mitel HQ and DVS servers, there are important considerations to be aware of.

After the April 9th Windows updates (KB5036896 Win2019 and KB5036899 Win 2016) are applied, Several services will not start on HQ/DVS.

The following services will not start on HQ & DVS servers:

  • EmVmsync
  • CSIS VM server
  • Shoretel Soft Telephony switch
  • Shoreware Voicemail Message Server
  • Shoreware Voicemail Port manager
  • Shoreware WG server

End of Life
Advanced Applications

Several of Mitel’s legacy Advanced Applications are being retired. Support ended March 1, 2024.

The following applications are no longer supported and are unavailable to download or purchase:

 The following applications are still supported:

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Packet Fusion’s mission is to help our clients make the best-informed technology decisions. While we remain committed to supporting your current Mitel products, a cloud migration strategy should be top of mind. Reach out today, and let’s discuss your options.

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