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What’s Your Customer Experience Maturity? Find Out Now.

You’re Providing a Customer Experience – But What Kind?

Whether you sell a product, have a chain of stores, run a factory, or offer services, you’re already providing a customer experience (CX). Giving your end users the best possible CX can make all the difference. This may even lead to retaining your customers vs. watching them leave for your competitors. So where does your company land when it comes to customer experience maturity?

Use our Customer Experience Model to help your company figure out where it is today so you can begin a CX improvement plan. Packet Fusion can help. Book a meeting with us to get started on a plan for what will work best for your company.

Random (Zero Stars)

Emerging from Crisis

When you’re first getting started, it’s highly likely that you’re in crisis and firefighting mode. The first phase is really a ‘zero star’ experience for your customers. There’s no consistency in your CX or management of customer communications channels (online, in person, or over the phone, for example). It’s tough to schedule with customers and only a manual process to get things done. The good news is that there’s only one direction from here. Just be sure to step up.

Consistent CX (One Star)

Next Step: Consistent CX Across Channels

You don’t get much of a rating from customers at this stage, but you’re on the board with a consistent CX, regardless of the communications channel. You maintain control using a schedule and core planning, so your customers begin to expect a certain service level. This is a great time for initial goal setting using key performance indicators (KPIs) to help your team begin to achieve internal goals, including quality. This will also help you to track and manage your costs.

Workforce Management (WFM)

You strategically allocate your human resources using consistent processes to boost productivity. Using WFM with specific communications channels helps you improve your employee experience. For example, using WFM in your contact center improves scheduling so that agent workloads are more manageable and (you guessed it) consistent. Happier employees = go a long way toward improving your CX, which delivers a positive financial impact. Packet Fusion works with great WFM provider partners to help you implement the right solution. When you’re ready to discuss the possibilities – contact us at Packet Fusion.

Defined (Two Stars)

Planning and Implementing Across Channels

As you improve your planning, you also improve the implementation of your CX — especially as you integrate consistent plans across all communications channels. The more your customers know what to expect, the more easily they can transition between preferred channels (for example, from being in a chat online with a customer service bot to a call with a human agent).

Measure Customer Satisfaction to Improve CX

In the Defined phase, data is your friend. The analytics from your (hopefully happier) employees help you better understand what customers are looking for and make necessary changes. You use the data to evolve and develop your CX strategy. You should also note that employee satisfaction can lead to customer satisfaction.

NPS and CES for CX Quality

Measuring your CX using Net Promoter Score (NPS), you ask your customers to rate your business. You use the feedback to understand what you can improve. You’re on your way to building brand advocacy, using a Customer Effort Score (CES) to help you know what it takes to resolve CX issues and where to invest in improvements. It’s your goal to improve the quality of what you deliver and how to deliver it.

Differentiated (Three Stars)

The Best Omni-Channel CX

This is where the leaders emerge. Your brand values align with customer needs. Customer don’t just think about recommending your product or service to friends, family, and colleagues — they actually do it. You pull all the pieces together, providing a true, omni-channel communications experience, and your customers notice and appreciate you even more.

Leveraging Analytics

You’re at the stage of using analytics to directly impact and improve CX at all points of the customer journey — which, of course, you have mapped with the right tools and agent WFM support. Things flow smoothly, even when a crisis pops up. You have the data to support customer and employee engagement. Employees at all levels, especially call center agents, are empowered to provide the service that customers seek. Or better yet, your call center solution identifies and routes customers to the agent with the best skillset to address a problem or request.

Quality Across the Board

Quality management drives everything you do. It covers how you engage with and focus on your customers, while giving your employees the tools and staffing level to deliver excellence. Your management team has the data to support staff and the processes to help them achieve their goals. Quality management drives all projects, from planning through execution of products, services, and customer contact. At this stage of CX, your brand advocates fully emerge and continue to share their delight with you and the rest of the world.

Do You Know Where Your Customer Experience Maturity is Now?

We hope our Customer Experience Model can help your company figure out where it is today. That way, you can start a CX plan to improve customer satisfaction.

Packet Fusion is a trusted advisor. We can help you to discover how to begin changing things for the better. Plus, we work with all of the leading communications, contact center, and WFM solutions partners to help you discover and implement the right solutions for the right budget at the right time to boost CX and support your needs.

Book a meeting with us to get started on a plan that will work best for your company and improve your CX.

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