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Why your next technology decision has a 70% chance of failing (and how to prevent that from happening!)

Your customer’s expectations are rising, employees need seamless collaboration regardless of location, and your data is increasingly challenging to manage and leverage.

According to The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), 80% of companies plan to accelerate their companies’ ability to utilize technology overall in 2023—and with good reason. Decisions about digital technologies are increasingly embedded in the core of the business and will act as a key driver of operational efficiency and competitive advantage.

Not so fast. BCG also reported that 70% of those projects will fail, falling short of their objectives.

Reasons for Failure

Why do these initiatives fail?

#1: Technology & Information Overload

As information around more and more cloud services, security concerns, pricing, and user requirements top the list, leadership is tasked to evaluate and distinguish between evolving technologies to solve immediate needs. Technology saturation and information overload have business leaders confused.

#2: Being tasked to do more with less.

While this challenge is not new to IT, changes in the economy, shrinking budgets, and a reduced workforce has created a rush to digitalize processes without clearly defining how technology will drive value instead of cost.

#3: Leadership is trying to do it alone.

As many business leaders take on transformative technology initiatives, they lack an accurate understanding of the concept and the approaches to executing it successfully and avoiding the pitfalls of embarking on this journey. In simpler words, they try to do it alone.

Technology initiatives fail when organizations don’t have a practical, detailed path to success. You will need to do business in real-time and scale up or down as business conditions demand—all while reducing operational expenses.

The technology journey is transforming, and you will need both expertise and experience to navigate success.

Select Your Best Guide

Every great journey begins with a roadmap. You can’t get where you’re going when you don’t know where that is!

It takes experience to identify the optimal solutions from a world of possibilities and expertise to match them to your unique requirements. You need a trusted advisor to guide you on the right path.

Packet Fusion is a trusted technology advisor helping business leaders match their unique needs with the broad range of cloud solutions (UCaaS, CCaaS, Colo/Data Center, Next-Gen Networking, Cybersecurity, SD-WAN, and cloud services), transforming how you work.

5 Ways Packet Fusion Is Your Technology Advisor:

  1. Packet Fusion acts as your internal consensus for change, identifying areas where technology can streamline business operations and transform the way your team works.
  2. Packet Fusion brokers your technology vendor selection, coming to the table with several existing technology relationships and a pre-determined set of cloud criteria to evaluate the strengths of each to fit your unique needs.
  3. Packet Fusion gets you the best price on cloud and technology without any surprises. We act as your liaison between you and multiple technology providers to negotiate prices, SLAs, and services so you get the best price every time.
  4. Packet Fusion brings technical expertise to every challenge with breadth and depth of cloud knowledge in many different environments over many years.
  5. Packet Fusion guarantees it will work. We support our clients long after implementation and continuously re-evaluate your needs as conditions and requirements change or evolve.


Why Choose Packet Fusion?

We excel in transparent and agnostic vendor negotiations and will relentlessly advocate for our clients to secure the best services at the best price. We are so confident in the quality of what we provide that we offer an initial pre-solution assessment to help you determine how Packet Fusion can add value to your company.

Contact Packet Fusion today to see how we can help you continue leveraging technology as you transform how you do business.

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