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Packet Fusion 4 Pillars of Mitel/ShoreTel Support

Support for Mitel/ShoreTel systems is often underestimated until it becomes an immediate necessity. In such moments, having a reliable support partner accessible always becomes crucial. A trusted advisor whom you can reach at any time to troubleshoot the problem and get your system operational quickly.

Is your Mitel/ShoreTel support provider ticking all the right boxes on our support checklist?


At Packet Fusion, our support approach rests on four fundamental pillars, ensuring top-notch Mitel/ShoreTel phone support.

Pillar 1: Provide You With A Technical Assistance Center (TAC)

  • Available always: 24/7/365 support ensures you’re never without help.
  • Provide a live Answer Support Queue available during business hours.
  • Assure support during after-hours and holidays.
  • Staffed by experts with advanced Mitel/ShoreTel certified engineers and escalation management adept at managing diverse solutions and infrastructure demands.

Pillar 2: Around-The-Clock Monitoring

  • Vigilant and proactive: Continuous monitoring of both Mitel Alerts & Windows Events.
  • Provide regularly scheduled configuration backups to safeguard your data.
  • Keep you informed with software release details and updates.
  • Prioritize security health checks through protected remote access methods.

Pillar 3: Able To Recommend Enterprise Upgrades

  • Provide zero-cost upgrades encompassing both software and labor.
  • Deliver complimentary software updates.
  • Avail migration services tailored to your time and material requirements.
  • Provide you with an assigned project manager & engineer to ensure smooth transitions.
  • Come to the table with industry knowledge and a record of over 100+ upgrades each year.

Pillar 4: Stand Behind Our Warranty Promise

  • Quick turnarounds: Speedy replacement for all maintenance-covered hardware.
  • Opt for inclusive phone warranties.
  • Offer a stocked inventory that guarantees same-day replacements when urgency strikes.

Does your Mitel/ShoreTel support vendor meet our recommended support checklist? If not, you may want to consider a better support partner.

Why Consider Packet Fusion For Your Mitel/ShoreTel Support?
Packet Fusion has been honored as the Mitel/ShoreTel Partner of the Year five times out of eight, underlining our commitment and excellence in the field. We support over 500 Mitel/ShoreTel clients and continue to grow. Our team is powered by Advanced Certified Mitel Engineers, ensuring top-notch service.

Select Packet Fusion for visionary, swift, and top-tier support that propels your business forward.

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