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Mitel MiVoice Connect – What if we wait and do nothing?

Mitel recently moved up its End-of-Life and Development for ShoreTel & Mitel MiVoice Connect users from 2029 to 2025, announcing no additional OS updates, patches, or security updates after December 31, 2025.

What if you wait or choose not to do anything?

Will your ShoreTel/Mitel MiVoice Connect system continue to work after 2025? What are the risks? Watch this short video explainer to find out. 

Support Options for Mitel MiVoice Connect

Packet Fusion is here to help you assess your needs, create a roadmap to harden your system, or seek a path to the cloud. Find a support option that fits your needs.

Option 1:

Let Packet Fusion Support You

Still need to get a couple more years out of your Mitel Connect system? Let us help. We recently doubled down our efforts to support MiVoice Connect. With 15 certified Mitel engineers, we are the premier support vendor of Mitel in the country.

Option 2:

Explore the Cloud

Packet Fusion’s UCaaS migration services deliver a path to the cloud with the right vendor at the right price point to fit your budget. Having migrated over 420 UC systems to the cloud, we have the experience to reach your goals successfully.

Option 3:

Complimentary System Review

Is your ShoreTel/Mitel system working the way the manual said it should? Take our complementary ShoreTel/Mitel system review and let Packet Fusion assess how your system is performing and where it can be optimized.


Incentives to Move to RingCentral

Wondering what RingCentral has to offer Mitel users? More than you think! Keep your handsets as well as a seamless migration accelerator toolkit, making it easier than ever to migrate to the cloud.

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